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"Unbelievable results!! This was one of the first manufacturers we contacted and I'm so happy we decided to work with them. The products are made with top notch quality and everything was delivered exactly as promised. In fact, the design looks even better than any of us expected. I'm very impressed! I would highly recommend this company to anyone looking to brand their own coffee!"

"What a HUGE life saver! A good friend of mine referred me to this company and honestly I couldn't be happier! I was able to save over 20% on my upfront costs because they have lower minimums than any other company I've found. Plus, the customer service was very friendly and professional from start to finish. Completely exceeded my expectations. Will definitely be using Private Label Coffee for a long time!"

"Awesome experience! If you're looking for a reliable private label manufacturer, then this is it! Easy process to get started and everything was delivered on time and the products look stunning. The labels are perfect and the quality is phenomenal. Needless to say, I've tried other private label companies in the past and none of them compare. Thank you so much! They just gained a loyal customer! "

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Green Bay, WI 54313
Phone: (920) 569-3333

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We manufacture single serve cups with our proprietary process and offer micro roasted gourmet coffees to create a unique brand image for anyone. We can create a customized box and/or a custom lid with your brand, bringing it to life with every brew.

At first glance one would think that there is no way this can work into your budget! Our company wants everyone to be able to offer single serve cups to give you the perfect combination and ability to build your brand or allow you to bring your brand to a retail setting in a product category otherwise thought impossible. We promise that you will not find a lower minimum quantity on the market today. Pricing will vary with quantity, however our quick and easy process will prove excitingly affordable for even the smallest of orders! Don't wait for your competition to be the first! Get started today….

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